The value of the company.

We understand our business only in one way: to be the leaders. The first to take a step forward, the first in designing quality products and services, the first to adopt the best practices and production technologies, the first to give a service in which you can trust and make ideas a reality.

Leaders are born, and we have born to be leaders, what more do you need?.

We add the latest technology. We deduct the least environmental impact. We multiply by the human value.

And the result is quality.

Rotogal Rotomoulding one Rotogal Rotomoulding two Rotogal Rotomoulding three Rotogal Rotomoulding four Rotogal Rotomoulding five

Areas where we act: any sector is good.

The Rotogal mark is born with the vocation to improve and better what is already available. This vocation is applicable to numerous sectors: automotive, nautical, interior design, aquiculture, logistics, machinery, industrial parts, etc.

We want to be a reference for the businesses and individuals who require a partner in rotomoulding and who always demand the best. For this reason we work hand in hand with our customers so that the improvements are made reality in an intelligent and profitable way. To learn more visit the Custom Moulding page..

Environmental commitment.

We recycle.
We make things that have no use, that are thrown away and that contaminate useful again. We have committed ourselves to new products which we call Eco, which are environmentally friendly products. Logic has driven us to think that we can do our work whilst not contaminating the environment and also, we are innovators and pioneers, because there is nobody else in our sector that does this.

We preserve.
We have implemented all the security measures necessary to avoid contaminating and thus conserve our habitat. So that it lasts longer and so that we can all enjoy it. To achieve this we save energy, we do not have any system of tipping and we do not emit fumes or smells.

We defend.
The sustainable development and the protection of the environment. We call it the green philosophy. With this we believe in the use of renewable energies, energy efficiency, the reduction of waste, the efficient use of water and all the measures that can benefit the environment. We are working on a programme that coincides inside and outside of the company with the need to protect all that which surrounds us. This is one of our commitments.

Quality ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates

Certificado EQA

R&D+i: Passion and attitude.

Develop new products and provide qualities to those that already existed, shape ideas and carry out what others think is not possible, surpass the current technological barriers. This is our Pasion R&D+i.

At Rotogal R&D+i has become central to our raison d'être since we understand the importance of its contribution for an economically and environmentally sustainable world.

This is only possible through good ideas, the best practices (design department, in-house laboratory, continuous training and collaboration) and above all a lot of positive attitude.

JJChicolino Group.

Rotogal is part of the JJChicolino Goup of companies, all of which are situated in Boiro (A Coruña, Spain). The vast trajectory and experience of the companies in the group within the sectors where they work (fishing, aquaculture, packaging and manipulation) endorse the work and the dedication of Rotogal, the youngest enterprise amongst them all and they complement to perfection a sphere of integrated solutions that are unique in the market..

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